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Keep A Track Of All The Activities

On All Your Insurance Policies

Existing Policy Holder?

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What is the One Assure Policy Wallet?

A policy wallet is a digital space where you can keep a track of all the activities from queries, consultations, buying, documents & One Assure partner assistance for your health/term insurance plan. It’s a hassle-free way to maintain & access all the details related to your insurance plan without putting in any effort. Just login to your policy wallet & get all the required details about the purchased insurance plan. To get access to your policy wallet, all you need to do is to buy the right policy with One Assure!

What does your policy wallet offer!


One Assure Policy Wallet Perks

Policy Details_3x.png
Policy Details
Query Resolution_3x.png
Query Resolution
Partner Assistance_3x.png
Partner Assistance
Claim Processing & Settlement_3x.png
Claim Processing & Settlement
Easy To Use_3x.png
Easy To Use
Transparency & Security_3x.png
Transparency & Security
Query & Resolutions Tracking_3x.png
Query & Resolutions Tracking

Why Oneassure?

Partner Brands_3x.png


Partners Brands

Happy Customers_3x.png


Happy Customers

Trained Partners_3x.png


Trained Partners

How it works

Book an appointment _3x.png

Book an appointment and talk to our partner

Express your insurance needs_3x.png

Express your insurance needs, location, lifestyle details, and concerns if any

Our partners select a few curated plans for you_3x.png

Our partners suggest a few curated plans for you

You consult them on which one you should pick up_3x.png

You consult them on which one you should pick up

Payment and registration_3x.png

Payment & Registration

Bam! Your lifetime insurance partner does the rest for you!_3x.png

Bam! Your lifetime insurance
partner does the rest for you!


Need more reasons to buy
Health Insurance from OneAssure?




How do we select and train our
OneAssure partners?

We train proficient IRDA certified professionals who understand your needs and requirements as an individual

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How do we select our Partners

What does this mean for you_.png

What does this mean for you?

Well-trained experts who can guide you to take the right decision

Ready to buy
your Insurance?

Keep track of your insurance policy, documents, queries, and consultation with OneAssure policy wallet with insurance security and transparency.

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