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Who are we?

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OneAssure is a customer-focused distribution network for products and services related to health insurance. We are a modern health insurance brokerage bringing micro-entrepreneur innovation and promoting digital showcasing of health insurance products.

What do we do?

We enable informed buying and servicing of health insurance products. We offer health insurance buying, renewals, porting, claims settlement support, learning and advisory for products catering to physical and mental health.

We believe in strategic process mapping of services. Therefore, we have our insurance advisors to introduce and health insurance experts to help you discover your needs before we find potential solutions.

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What do we aim for?

We aim to break the complex health insurance needs into snackable chunks of understanding to exclusively cater to the different needs of individuals and businesses. This, we aim to do with transparency, empathy and professionalism.


What do we value?

We derive value from client’s confidence in our transparency of products and services distribution. That confidence can come from informed health insurance decisions that can come from understanding the health insurance ecosystem. We want to upsell health policies based on insurance literacy rather than information asymmetry.

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