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Benefits you can avail on Term Plan

Different riders for
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Monthly, quarterly & half-yearly payment options
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Coverage for Critical Illness as add on
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Tax Benefit under Section 80 C
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Limited Pay Option
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Low premium higher coverage
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We do it through a variety of training methods, including objective and subjective, and in compliance with IRDAI POSP License norms, so that only the best can assist you

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How do we select our Partners

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What does this mean for you?

Well-trained experts who can guide you to take the right decision

Why you should buy
Term Life Insurance?

Buying life cover for you & your loved ones is considered an expense by many. However, the right term-life insurance plan can help you save a lot of money and provide financial security. We’re here to tell you all about the advantages of having term insurance.

Benefits of buying Term Life Insurance

Easy To Understand:

The reason term insurance has grown in popularity is its simplicity. When you die, term life insurance pays out a sum assured to your dependents. Just make sure you pay your premiums on time.

Extremely Affordable:

The premiums for term plans are much lower than those of other traditional insurance plans. Term life insurance has the lowest premium among all life insurance plans. The low premium helps you afford a sufficient sum assured to ensure your family’s financial security in the event of your absence.

High Coverage:

The vast difference in premium rates makes it difficult to afford high levels of life insurance coverage, except under term insurance. You should have a minimum life insurance coverage of 10 times your annual income, including debts or enough to cover your living expenses and financial goals after taking inflation into account. A term plan will provide you with sufficient coverage without breaking the bank. The remaining amount is divided among the family members post debt clearance.

Highly Flexible:

Term plans are super-flexible for customization and duration. You can choose a term plan based on your needs and can get it customized with the help of your OneAssure partner. Always choose plans with increasing coverage to avail of maximum benefits in the future.

Tax Benefits

Tax benefits are also available with term insurance plans. According to current tax laws, the premiums you pay for term insurance are tax-deductible, but the payouts are also tax-exempt.

Benefits under Section 80C:

A term insurance plan premium paid up to a maximum of Rs.1.5 lakh per year is tax-exempt under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961. Term insurance tax benefits can be maximized under this section by purchasing the plan that offers the highest level of coverage available to you.

Benefits under Section 10 (10D):

According to Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act 1961, the death benefit of term insurance plans is fully exempt from income tax.

What to look for while buying a Term Life cover?


Coverage Amount:

Determining how much life insurance is needed is the most important step. Online tools and calculators can assist in this process. When determining what amount to insure, the calculators use several factors, including age, lifestyle habits, number of dependents, current loans, and average monthly expenses. To make it easy, discuss it with your OneAssure partner.

Policy Duration:

It is advisable to select the policy period based on till which you are going to generate income. If you are a salaried employee, you should consider your retirement age and if you are self-employed, consider the age as 65 years. As a result, you will pay a relatively lower premium throughout the duration of the policy. Our perfectly trained OneAssure partners can help you purchase the right term life insurance policy with the lowest premium rate.

Policy Add-Ons:

Term life insurance plans offer riders at an affordable price, which must be considered by you even if they don’t meet your needs.

Accidental death coverage:
Besides the basic sum assured, this amount would also be paid to you if you died because of an accident during the policy term. 

Disability coverage:

Policyholders who become permanently disabled during the tenure of the policy will not be required to pay future premiums. Disability comes under accidental coverage and, as you already know accidental death is covered by default.

Critical illness coverage:

The policyholder will receive a lump sum payment once they have been diagnosed with the disease included in the policy as a critical illness.

No premium on critical illness:

Policy holders who suffer a critical illness during the policy period would not have to pay future premiums for the policy.

Ready to buy your
Term Insurance?

Know all about buying the right term insurance plan for you at OneAssure. Talk to OneAssure partner and find the right term life insurance plan for you in India.

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