What do we offer?

We help you identify the ideal policy to meet your needs, walk you through the entire buying process, and offer assistance with claims if necessary. We’re basically here to take care of everything.


Step 1

Our expert/knowledgeable advisors are here to offer you recommendations based on your needs, so you can make decisions right away.


Step 2

We’re here to assist you in choosing the best coverage and plan for your particular situation by navigating the complexities of insurance policies.


Step 3

We provide a variety of extra benefits and practical features to improve your insurance experience, starting from rider to even simple application procedures.


Step 4

With our user-friendly mobile app, you can conveniently manage your policies and even access all your insurance details at any time from any location.


Step 5

Our streamlined procedures are made simple for you to review and make claims, ensuring a seamless experience.


Step 6

We remind you to claim the complimentary benefits like health checkup and even during a hospitalization claim, we assist you to get the pre/post hospitalization claim which will run into tens of thousands of rupees which is equivalent to your next year premium

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Frequently asked questions

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Q. Who is a Third Party Administrator?

Q. How does the insurance provider determine whether a condition was present at the time of the claim or not?

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