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Planning To Buy Health Insurance?

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Why OneAssure?

All Brands At One Place: 

No matter if you already have a health insurance plan or it is your first time, we have all the best insurance brands in the country on our platform. In your budget, for your needs and seamless experience for you

– That’s what we (One) Assure!


How it works

Book an appointment _3x.png

Book an appointment and talk to our partner

You consult them on which one you should pick up_3x.png

You consult them on which one you should pick up

Express your insurance needs_3x.png

Express your insurance needs, location, lifestyle details, and concerns if any

Payment and registration_3x.png

Payment & Registration

Our partners select a few curated plans for you_3x.png

Our partners select a few curated plans for you

Bam! Your lifetime insurance partner does the rest for you!_3x.png

Bam! Your lifetime insurance partner does the rest for you!

Trained Partners


Joseph Royan

OneAssure Partners are trained to understand any individual’s needs, read between the fine print give you an unbiased, personalized and clear advice for your health insurance needs in 24 hours!




Niraj Dugar

Curated Plans

Whether it is about buying insurance for senior citizens, or for someone with a pre-existing disease, the partners at OneAssure ensure you get your insurance plans just the way you need them, not how others want to sell to you.



Assistant Vice President


Kunal Ghosh

Zonal Head 


Prakash Kumar 

Finance Manager


Prashant Babbar 

General Manager

No pesky calls.png

No Pesky Calls

Oh, the nightmare of receiving 10 back-to-back calls from multiple agents all trying to sell you plans you don’t need. Enter OneAssure – ensuring minimum and appropriate calls to you made only at the time you choose.

Lifetime Assistance And
Hassle-Free Claim Settlement

Yes, you read it right. Our partners don’t desert you after you’ve bought your insurance plans. Instead, they are with you in your entire health insurance journey, assisting you with claim settlements anytime you want and making sure you renew right on time with the best options available.

Need more reasons bg.png

Need more reasons to buy
Health Insurance from OneAssure?




How do we select and train our
OneAssure partners?

We train proficient professionals who understand your needs and requirements as an individual


How do we select our Partners

What does this mean for you_.png

What does this mean for you?

Well-trained experts who can guide you to take the right decision

Why our customers trust us?




The importance of health insurance plans is wasted on millennials. OneAssure guided me through the benefits of insuring my health above all and how I could benefit from the same in so many ways. Sorting out the best insurance plan that fits my personal needs was just what I needed. Thank You OneAssure and I would definitely recommend you guys to friends and family !




I was looking to buy appropriate health insurance for myself. With current options it was confusing and I was not able to close. With the help of the OneAssure partner, I was able to analyze and compare all the best-suited options. I was able to freeze it and buy seamlessly with minimum effort from my side. Everyone should try this whoever wants get best results




A fantastic way to quickly find the best health plan. I recently got one health insurance plan for my mom. Despite all the information available online, it could still be confusing which plan to buy. OneAssure partner solved it for me.

Partner Brands_3x.png


Partners Brands

Happy Customers_3x.png


Happy Customers

Trained Partners_3x.png


Trained Partners

Ready to buy your
Health Insurance?

OneAssure helps you buy the right health and term insurance plan for you from the best insurance brands in India.

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