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In India, only a mere 3.5% of people have health insurance, and corporate health insurance is not a guaranteed benefit. The Covid pandemic has shown us that unforeseen medical expenses are an easy way to get saddled with debt and slip into poverty. Properly sold and serviced health insurance is one of the most important protections for millions of Indians.

As the leading health insurance solutions provider, we create products essential to on-ground insurance agents, health insurance customers, and businesses looking to buy and/or upsell health insurance.

Your efforts will help drive OneAssure’s strategy and roadmap to disrupt the insurance discovery, purchase, and service experiences in India. You will ‌have a direct impact on micro-enterprises who can now earn extra every month by working with OneAssure, and businesses who seek to generate additional revenue per month from their users.


At OneAssure

We give a sense of purpose to our team and empower them to achieve their professional and personal goals.

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At OneAssure

We value folks who take ownership of their work and are self-driven.

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At OneAssure

We inculcate the culture within our team that is obsessed with customer happiness.

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At OneAssure

We want our employees to grow because we believe the company grows only when the employees grow.

Meet The Team


Nancy Kothari

Business & Operations


Bipul Yadav

Software Developer


Tarun Singh

Principal Officer

Career @OneAssure

We want to grow & so do you!
Let’s do this together!

We are striving to set new standards in the insurance industry and are looking forward to building a team that is aligned with our vision and is ready to achieve nothing but the best with us!

Find out the positions we're currently hiring for!

Build your career at OneAssure. Get the best career opportunity to grow professionally

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