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Enhancing Buying Health Insurance

Buy Health Insurance and access enhanced offerings like physical and mental health consultation, policy recommendations and more, all at one place!


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One Place for Multiple Health Insurance Needs

We are ensuring that all your needs are covered!
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For you
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Your family
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Your workforce

All Your Favourite Health Insurance Brands in One Store! 

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Buying health insurance or making a claim, Look at how simple it can be!

Getting Health Insurance Recommendation

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100% Assistance on Claims and Other Services

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What different health insurance
plans are we offering?



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Cashless Policies

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Plans with Maternity

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Plans for Groups
or Companies

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Critical Illness

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Plans for Senior

Other Health Insurance Plans_2x.png

Other Health
Insurance Plans

Insurance through employers

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Employee Plans and Policies

Learn about the Ogna medical, Pharmacy,
Dental, and voluntary benefits that your
Employer may offer.

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Employer Group Solutions

Ready to plan your benefits strategy for
next year? Learn how our flexible options
can help control your costs and keep your
employees healthy. 

Hear from our customers

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The importance of health insurance plans is wasted on millennials. OneAssure guided me through the benefits of insuring my health above all and how I could benefit from the same in so many ways. Sorting out the best insurance plan that fits my personal needs was just what I needed.

Thank You One Assure and I would definitely recommend you guys to friends and family !

Gaurav Agrawal

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Thank you for sharing your details. Our team will get back to you within 48 working hours.