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Benefits of Buying Family Health Insurance from OneAssure

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Comprehensive Coverage
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Coverage for
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Tax Benefits
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How do we select and train our
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We train proficient professionals who understand your needs and requirements as an individual

How do we select our Partners

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What does this mean for you?

Well-trained experts who can guide you to take the right decision

Why you should buy
Family Health Insurance?

The advantage of family coverage is that one policy covers the entire family. As a result, the family doesn’t have to shop for and purchase individual plans. Family coverage is a benefit available to spouses, children, former spouses, domestic partners, and dependents of domestic partners.

Benefits of buying Family Health Insurance

All family members are covered:

All family members are covered under one health insurance plan. If you have dependent children, your spouse, parents, as well as in-laws, all of them can be covered. However, it is recommended to buy separate health insurance for parents, as they might have some pre-existing conditions that can be covered separately. You can even cover your extended family under some plans. Therefore, family medical insurance plans are a one-stop solution for all your family members’ health insurance needs.

Affordable Premium:

An individual medical insurance plan for each family member costs much more than a family plan with a lower premium. In this way, the family plan allows for affordable coverage while being less costly.

High Coverage for every member:

If any family member falls ill, the sum insured under the family floater policy can be used entirely by that member. This way, you can choose an optimal sum insured level and access high coverage for each family member.

Comprehensive Coverage:

You can compare and choose a family health plan that offers the most comprehensive coverage features based on its coverage benefits. You can ensure peace of mind for your family by ensuring they are fully covered for every major medical expense.

Maternity Coverage:

A family health plan that includes maternity coverage is a good choice for a young couple planning on starting a family soon. The plan will cover the cost of maternity care, making the time happier for the family.

Easy Addition of New Member:

It is convenient to add new family members to family floater plans. Depending on the terms and conditions of your policy, if you add a new child to your family (birth), you can easily plan for coverage for that child. Simply notify the insurance company, pay the additional premium, and the child would be covered under the policy.

Tax Benefits:

Besides all other benefits, family floater health plans also provide tax benefits. A family floater policy can help you save up to INR 25,000 on your taxes. If you are a senior citizen, you are entitled to a deduction of INR 50,000. Also, if your parents are senior citizens, you can avail of an additional deduction of INR 25,000, if you purchase a separate family health insurance plan for them.

What to look for while buying a Family Health Cover?


Sum Insured:

Check the insurance coverage of your family’s health plan to ensure that it will cover the medical needs of the entire family before you purchase the policy. Consider the age and ailment history of the family members. You may need a higher sum insured as the cost of medical care goes up with age if your parents are also covered by your family health insurance.

Premium Amount:

When purchasing health insurance, make sure the policy covers network hospitals. You can take advantage of the cashless system easier if there are more network hospitals. With a network hospital, there is no need to pay the hospital directly. Instead, your insurer will settle your account directly with the hospital.

Waiting Period:

Pre-existing illnesses and other benefits like free annual check-ups, dental insurance, etc., usually come with waiting periods. In most cases, the waiting period is between 2 and 5 years. This waiting period will prevent you from filing a claim relating to those illnesses. Therefore, choose a family health plan with a short waiting period to avail of maximum benefits.

Pre-And Post-Hospitalization Coverage:

Family health insurance should include coverage for both pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses. There may be several visits to the doctor and many tests required before and after hospitalization. Hence, you need to consider pre & post-hospitalization expense cover before opting for family health insurance.

Daycare Procedures Coverage:

Hospitalizations lasting over 24 hours are covered by most insurers. However, some medical procedures require only certain hours of hospitalization, such as dialysis. Be sure to check if your health insurance plans also cover daycare services.

Claim Settlement Process:

A claim settlement procedure should be seamless. An insurer’s claim settlement ratio is an indicator of this. Divide the number of claims filed by the total claims paid to find the claim settlement ratio. Choosing an insurer with a high settlement percentage is a wise choice. Otherwise, you could have to get your medical bills reimbursed by running in every direction.

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