IFFCO TOKIO Family Floater Health Insurance Plan

IFFCO TOKIO Family Floater Health Insurance Plan


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Convalescence Benefit

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Pre-Hospitalisation : 45 Days

The amount of expenses incurred during this period prior to hospitalisation such as diagnostic tests, doctor fees, medicines, etc. for investigiation purpose are also payable by the insurer

Post Hospitalisation : 60 days

The amount of expenses incurred during this period after discharge from hospitalisation for the purpose of recovery such as follow-up tests, doctor fees, medicines, etc. are also payable by the insurer

Pre existing Disease cover : 48 Months

Coverage for all Pre-Existing Diseases covered after a certain specified waiting period with continuous renewal.

Waiting Period- Initial : 30 days

No claims are accepted within this period except due to accidents/ injury.

Waiting Period- Specific : 3 years

Listed specific illness

Waiting Period- PED : 48 Months

No pre-existing ailment related claims are accepted within this period.

Room Rent : No Capping

Room rent for in-patient hospitalisation

ICU Charges : No Capping

Charges for ICU hospitalisation

Co pay : No

% of the claim that the policyholder needs to pay out-of-pocket

Restore Benefit/ Recharge/ Refill : Yes

If the sum insured is exhausted due to hospitalisation expenses of one or more members, there is an automatic restoration of the sum insured for related or unrelated ailments.

Health Check up : Once every 4 claim free years

Free annual health check-up for all insured members according to the list of tests specfied in the policy document.

No Claim Bonus : 5%(five percent) of the basic sum insured at each renewal in respect of each claim free year upto Max 50%

% of the sum insured that rises every claim free year.

Video/telephone consultation : No

E-consultation with expert doctors empanelled with the insurer for a second opinion.

Domiciliary hospitalization : upto 20% of Sum Insured

Home care treatment where there are no beds in the hospital or paitient is not in a condition to be moved to the hospital, This treatment is provided under the supervision of a registered medical practitioner.

Ambulance : 0.75% (three fourth of a percent) of the sum insured or Rs. 2500/-

Transportation of the patient to the hospital and back home

Convalescence benefit : 0.15% (one seventh of a percent) of the sum insured, up to a maximum of Rs. 1,000

A specific fixed amount of money paid as a recovery benefit for extended hospitalisation.

Organ Donor : Yes upto SI

The costs for a surgical procedure of removal or damaged organ from the patient's body which could otherwise be fatal.

Bariatric cover : No

Expenses related to obesity-related conditions such as high BP, sleep apnea, arthiritis asthma, etc.

Daycare : Yes

Covers in-patient hospitalisation expenses where the stay is <24 hours under a specified list of treatments


Alternative treatment coverage such as ayurvedic, unani, sidha and homeopathy which leads to hospitalisation.

Congenital Coverage : No

Covers medical expenses related to diagnosis and treatment of heriditary and internal congenital ailments/ conditions/ traits that exist from birth.

Modern Treatments : Yes

All advanced treatment with upgrade in technology.

Health Management/ Wellness : No

Benefits provided for staying fit and managing health

Maternity Benefit : No

All expenses related to childbirth or legal medical termination of pregnancy, usually upto a specified limit.