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We train proficient professionals who understand your needs and requirements as an individual

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What does this mean for you?

Well-trained experts who can guide you to take the right decision

What is a Super Top-Up
Insurance plan?

If your health insurance coverage is exhausted, a super-top-up plan can provide the best financial protection to medical expenses. Over and above the deductible amount, super top-up plans cover the total hospital expenses up to the limit specified in the plan. A super top-up policy is activated after the deductible is paid as per the base plan or in cash. The plan covers cumulative expenses, in contrast to traditional top-up plans that cover only individual claims.

How Is A Super Top-Up Plan Different From Base Plan?

Base plan pays claims up to the sum insured in your base policy. Whereas the Super Top-up plan covers hospitalization expenses beyond the Deductible limit. A deductible limit is decided by you. The base plan policy is one that kicks in after a certain amount of pre-determined expenses has been reached. Base plan and super-top-up policies can also be combined. You can also get enhanced coverage with a super top-up policy if you have an existing base plan policy. The Super Top-up Policy can be opted for even if you do not have a base plan policy. It’s better to buy a super top-up plan while buying your base policy or around the same time, if possible, to avail the maximum advantage. 

Why should you buy a Super Top-Up Insurance Plan
additionally over your existing base plan?

With the Super Top Up policy, you can get base plan coverage above your deductible limit and get extra features along with it. When the hospitalization claim bill exceeds the amount insured under any other base plan policy, this plan provides financial relief to you. Thus, it serves as a relief and helps when you reach the limit you have set.

The premium is very reasonable, and the sum insured is increased.

No co-pay, no capping, just a 1-month waiting period.

Coverage of pre-existing diseases is provided from Day One.

The ability to avoid heavy deductions caused by room rent limits.

When you are over 60 years of age, it is very difficult to increase the amount insured under your base plan policy.

Therefore, purchase a super top-up policy that lets you increase your base plan sum insured up to INR 15 lakh up to the age of 80 or opt for a co-pay plan.

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Ready to buy Super Top-up Insurance?

Buy the best super top-up health insurance with OneAssure. Additional health insurance cover for extra security in India.

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