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May 29, 2024


Pre and post-natal medical care – the concept

Pre and post-natal care is the medical care and attention for expecting mothers before and after delivery. It includes medical check-ups, diagnostics, medicines, doctor’s consultations and the like.

Pre-natal care includes consultations, diagnostics, medicines, check-ups, etc. availed by the expecting mother. The same care required after delivery is called post-natal medical care.

Pre and post-natal care are an inherent part of maternity. It cannot be avoided. They can incur considerable expenses for which a health insurance plan can come in handy. Read more about it at

Health insurance and pre and post-natal coverage

Almost all health insurance plans with maternity benefits include coverage for pre and post-natal care. The first requirement, however, is maternity coverage.

When it comes to maternity coverage, it is not an inbuilt feature of every health insurance plan. Specific plans offer maternity coverage either as an inbuilt benefit or as an optional one. You, therefore, need to check the scope of coverage when buying a health insurance plan. If you need coverage for pre and post-natal care, you need a plan which offers maternity coverage.

However, there are certain terms and conditions associated with the coverage. Have a look:

  1. If not inbuilt, maternity coverage might be available as an add-on if you choose a plan that offers the said coverage. In such cases, you would have to pay an additional premium to avail of the maternity benefit. Since pre and post-natal coverage is inbuilt under maternity coverage, if you opt for the latter; you will get automatically, covered for the former.

  2. There is a waiting period for maternity coverage. The period usually ranges between 9 months and 48 months depending on the plan that you choose. This waiting period also applies to pre and post-natal coverage.

  3. There is a limit on the pre and post-natal coverage. For instance, say a plan covers normal deliveries for up to Rs.25,000 and C-Section deliveries for up to Rs.60,000. So, if you undergo a normal delivery, you would get coverage for a maximum of Rs.25,000 which would also include pre and post-natal coverage.

Pre and post-natal coverage under group health insurance plans

If you enjoy group health coverage; it is not necessary that you would get covered for the pre and post-natal costs incurred during childbirth. This is because group health plans might not allow maternity coverage. As such, pre and post-natal costs would not be covered.

Also, the expenses can be claimed across group insurance plans; as well as individual health insurance plans. In case, there is a limit; you can file separate health insurance claims to each insurer to get a higher amount reimbursed. Read more about claims at

What couples should do?


If you are thinking of starting a family soon, opt for a health insurance plan that offers maternity coverage, either inbuilt or as a rider. Even if you have a group health plan offering maternity coverage, opt for an independent policy to enjoy higher coverage limits, renewability and customised benefits.

Invest in a health plan early on; as there would be a maternity waiting period after which coverage would be extended. Also, check the coverage limits. Opt for a plan which has higher maternity coverage limits for the maximum possible coverage. 

The bottom line

Make pregnancy a joyous time by leaving the financial worries to a health insurance plan. Understand the scope of coverage and choose a plan which provides the most comprehensive coverage benefits with respect to maternity and pre and post-natal care and cost.  

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